Video Online

Video has been the long-awaited 'holy grail' of people wanting to bring a full range of many different modes to community learning. With the advent of 'web 2.0', video has taken off in a big way. Not only video, but hugely social video, where people can interact and comment, embed videos on other pages (eg this page), and send replies via video.

(Video highlights the need for proper 'world class' bandwidth, which is difficult to come by, especially in rural areas of Australia. A recent report showed that premium Australian broadband runs at one-eighth the speed of basic level South Korean broadband.)

YouTube has been hitting the front pages all around the world, with its scandals about old men, and young girls (two separate stories). This tool is now being used for presentation, storytelling, broadcasting and report-writing. Other options include Google Video, BlipTV,, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Bubbleshare (Bubbleshare is more of a digital story builder than a video tool). (WARNING: some material on these external sites may offend.) Yes, video online is exploding, as another one appears called Revver.

(Plus: a program called Democracy which claims to be the new wave of InternetTV.
(.. and: a web app called Jumpcut, which appears to let you build and edit video/ audio files)

Community Lifelong Learning

One example comes from Peter in Britain, aka Geriatric1927, who shows that age is no barrier, and has received over a million hits for his stories about life. In this story he talks about his own 'life-changing' return to learning in the community.

Community Engagement projects

Our own project leaders have been busily engaging with this new set of tools, for example

The crowd at Deadly Mob, Northern Territory.

Here's a terrific video to introduce people to the new meeting place at DeadlyZone.

The "Harnessing Rural Skills" group in Wodonga, Victoria/NSW.

The amazing Coach Carole created this video to engage and invite her project team into the experience of People Places and Pastimes.

Byte-on Virtual Milang Old School House, in Milang, South Australia.

Stuart Jones made this astounding piece, "A dramatic introduction", highlighting the very wonderful Karyn Broadford, who runs the community centre. You'll also see a snippet of Shirley Smith, driver of their virtual community project,
Karyn tells us how they are working to connect people who "don't have access to computer or transport", while Shirley asks challenging questions, such as "How do you keep the momentum going?", and "How do you get these new ways of using technology legitimated in everyday work and play?" You'll hear Shirley tell us that this project and its potential have "grabbed the interest of local business community".

Other examples of 'video for learning'

Search YouTube for Literacy, and you'll find out about literacy programs in the USA, and around the world. Eg this public campaign for literacy funding.

A lecturer from MIT (i think) demonstrating interactive whiteboard strategies.

Google video has also been used instruct, inform and campaign

.. or so the publicity claims. This article explains how to search google video for educational content.
Here's an example of "employees learning literacy on the job"

A famous Bollywood actress supports the literacy campaign in India. "Bollywood actress Amisha Patel comments on the Same Language Subtitling (SLS) project for mass literacy in India." (This campaign is supported by the Google foundation.)

Some groups are also using video as an instructional tool, for example How Stuff Works at Google Video. This video is all about GPS - what it is and why use it.

.. or this intro to Salsa Dancing

Stephen Downes uses Google video to explain the difference between networks and groups

Also, the University of California (UCTV) is using the medium for a range of informative lectures and interviews, for example this one about the complexity of the brain.

Or this video about the natural beauty of the Stingray (following some stingray killings after Steve Irwin's death). Is this educational, or emotive campaigning?

Plus, from Revver, an instructional video on how to make money from Google AdSense

Technical Tips

Need to know how to encode your video to FLV format? Probably not, if you're using one of these services - they take whatever video format you have. If you do, here's a good article.