Showcase 2007: Reaching a Bigger Pond

"Tools and Technology for forming Community"


In the humid surrounds of Cairns, community leaders and interested parties gathered to learn about this year's incarnations of the Community Engagement project. Tremendous efforts from the community leaders of 2007 projects. Thanks to all who participated, including project leaders, keynotes and speakers Gail Short, Michael Coghlan, Kaye Bowman ..

On this page you'll find slideshow presentations, as well as audio recordings from the day. Each project also has their own page, so be sure to follow up there.

East Gippsland: 23 Things

ili2007_013_photo_by_Dave_and_Bry_at_flickr.jpgThe very amazing Jan Roberts and Denece Sippo from the East Gippsland project spoke of how the 23 Things self-paced playful learning resource represents an easily accessible way into web2.0 technologies for all kinds of people; next year, all libraries in Victoria will follow Denece and Jan's lead! Here are their presentation slides (audio will follow). They also took part in the online event "e show 'n' tell". More about the East Gippsland project here.

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Keynote Speaker: Michael Coghlan

external image gse_multipart35432.jpg Michael Coghlan, a world leader in developing online communities through use of audio technologies, gave a stirring overview of the warmth and generosity of connection that can happen via the web. Find out more about Michael and listen to the presentation via his podcast. Here you can (listen to his presentation as you) browse through his overhead slides.

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Queensland Murray Darling

Sandy and Renee told us about their project to engage local land manager and landcare workers in web2.0 social software technologies. More about the Queensland Murray Darling here.

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Keynote Speaker: Gail Short

Gail Short spoke of projects involving Western Australian telecentres, and a sustainable partnership approach.

Culture Link, Queensland

Culture Link Queensland is a collaboration between four other arts network agencies. Eve Stafford of Arts Nexus and Sarah Angus from Queensland Community Arts Network (QCAN) told us how they have worked to support online community development among local artists, as well as deliver accredited vocational courses online. More about Culture Link here.

Byron Shire ACE

Richard Vinycomb and Jan Barham spoke of their bid to introduce sustainable e-learning into their community, working with the local ACE provider / Community College and the local government. More about the Byron Shire project here.

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Kaye Bowman introduced the day

Kaye Bowman introduced the projects, at the Cairns Community Engagement Showcase, leading us into the theme of "Ripples in the Pond".

Tasmanian Communities Online

Kathleen Priestly told us how many connected projects across Tasmania had engaged local co-ordinators, mentors and people in the community to explore web2.0 technologies for a range of different social purposes.

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NSW Telecentres: Volunt-e-learning

Leonie Hibberson and Christina Cherry NSW spoke about the NSW Telecentres' Volunt-e-learning program; how the CTCA (Community Technology Centres Association) led their volunteer groups through online governance training.
More about the project here.

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Online Events: e-Show n Tell

The day after the live showcase in Cairns, community leaders from two projects presented in an online network event, known as "e-Show n Tell". Jan and Denece from East Gippsland joined Rod MacDonald from Byron Bay Shire ACE in a wide-ranging discussion of the stories and issues from their journeys.

You can find the recording via this link (in Elluminate), and the remnants of the online event at (you may need to register / login). We'll try to get the audio from this recording too.

(images: thanks to Dave & Bry at FLickr, and also (nz)dave )