Three years of exploration and adventure

Between 2005-7, there were twenty (20!) projects funded to enable local communities to re-engage with disadvantaged learners, broaden their knowledge and strengthen networks, through embedding e-learning into local social practice.

2007 Projects

RadioPerolaByOrianomadaAtFlickr.jpg(Please return for details on the '07 projects. Audio and presentations will be here by the end of November '07.)
  • Tasmanian Communities Online (TCO) extended their 2005 project, by running a series of individual projects throughout the network, engaging local people in Web2.0 technologies (all over Tasmania).
  • Byron Shire ACE managed to explore online learning, through converting their course in sustainable housing design, and also to work towards building stronger connections between local government and the community (Byron Bay, NSW).
  • Volunt-E NSW worked with committees of volunteers to engage people in governance training (Telecentres, NSW).
  • Queensland Murray Darling worked with farmers and land managers to engage local communities in web2.0 technologies (Queensland).
  • Culture Link Queensland brought four artist network organisations together to strengthen networks through use of live conferencing (Elluminate, Qld).
  • East Gippsland Community College partnered with the local library, to explore a self-paced web2.0 discovery tour known as 23 Things (E. Gipps, Vic).

Audio Broadcast

Listen to community leaders talk about their projects here:

2006 Projects

  • The Edge worked with young people, introducing digital storytelling as an engagement strategy (Mornington, Victoria)
  • Harnessing Rural Skills in Wodonga also used digital storytelling with people learning tourism skills (Wodonga, Vic.)
  • Murraylands e-Reach used a range of strategies to engage young people in the region (Murray Bridge, SA)
  • North Queensland Small Business Network explored use of a live, synchronous web conferencing platform to supplement delivery of business courses (Thuringowa, Townsville, Qld.)
  • Deadly Mob, also known as "In Town, Out Bush", engaged local indigenous people with many especially tailored responses (Alice Springs, NT)
  • BRACE - "engaging with isolated learners" brought their learners and organisation into e-learning through setting up a local "portal" (Ballarat, Vic.)

2005 Projects

image Radio Perola by orianomada at flickr.
Change of name: In 2007, the "e-learning Creative Community Partnerships" became known as the "Community Engagement Projects".