Bundaberg Skills Centre, Bundaberg, Queensland

The Bundaberg project has been delivered by 'Bundaberg Region a Learning Community' with a project Community Leader assigned to:
  • Explore the e-learning resources and options available in Bundaberg and via web-based learning opportunities
  • Establish community partnerships that promote access to e-learning opportunities for members of the Bundaberg community
  • Recruit young parents who have exited education early and identify their learning needs, available learning environments/options and link participants into e-learning opportunities and further education pathways

Sandra gave this presentation, in her overview of the IMPACT project, at the Adult Learning Australia Conference, November, '05.

The project aimed to provide the Bundaberg community with an overview of learning resources and opportunities. Education providers and other interested community groups have established strong linkages, ensuring provision of broader learning opportunities for community members. Through the findings identified in this project, education and community providers identified learning pathways and environments conducive to the needs of young parents who were planning to reconnect into a learning environment.

The Bundaberg Regional Learning Community organised a launch for their project on 18th August '05. People from a range of community organisations relative to both the promotion of the Bundaberg Learning Community and the projects target group were invited. The event was a great opportunity to network with other members of the community who were very excited by the possibilities of e-learning.