Community Engagement Projects

Part of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Link). You'll find a list of projects here.

Showcase '07 in Cairns

November 2007 saw a very successful showcase in Cairns, where community leaders gathered to share outcomes and solutions. Find out more about the showcase here.

Online Events: e-Show n Tell

The day after the live showcase in Cairns, community leaders from two projects presented in an online network event, known as "e-Show n Tell". Jan and Denece from East Gippsland joined Rod MacDonald from Byron Bay Shire ACE in a wide-ranging discussion of the stories and issues from their journeys.

You can find the recording via this link (in Elluminate), and the remnants of the online event at (you may need to register / login).

Find our photo collections here, at flickr. Or here, as an 'interesting' slideshow.

Our spaces for learning

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Learning Resources and Technology Tools

Open for learning: the very wonderful "E-Learning on a Shoestring: a resource kit for communities".

still_life_by_eisenrah_at_flickr_opt_.jpg Plus, from the discussions in our EdNA Group space, learn more about:

Or read the headlines here, from our edublogs, odeo and collections.
(Photo: "Still Life" by eisenrah at flickr)

"Create sustainable demand"

"The E-learning Creative Community Partnerships Project aims to create sustainable demand for, and use of, e-learning in communities, to foster both learning in the communities, and through learning, economic and regional development for the communities involved. [..] reaching disengaged and disadvantaged client groups, including people with disabilities, disengaged youth, mature age workers, long term welfare recipients, and people in rural and remote areas."

(Taken from Our Part of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework web.) These projects are an initiative of the very wonderful Australian Flexible Learning Framework, and are managed by Adult Learning Australia (ALA).

Online events and presentations

"Tapping into Resources online" - September event at the Flexible Learning Networks: Our presentation (6-8 Sept.) looked at engaging learners and communities. What strategies, tools or resources might be most useful? Find our session in the conference here, and notes for the session here: 1. engaging, 2. links, 3. tangents, 4. eDayz mind map.

A Change of Scene

Entrance10aPhotoByDelia.jpgIn April, '06, Delia Bradshaw gave a stirring presentation to the community leaders, entitled "A Change of Scene", on the topic of Community, Technology and Learning. "Have these words become 'weasel words', or are they still words that can stir our hearts and our heads, and move us to action?" You can revisit this presentation here. (You'll need flash player for the audio.)

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      Before 2007 these projects were known as the "e-Learning Creative Community Partnerships".