Additional challenges and questions arising around the topic of e-learning:

(coming from the discussion around engagement)
  • How to introduce e-learning during short courses, when you have limited time?
  • How to introduce concepts of e-learning to the whole community?
  • Different students respond differently to the use of technology (different people respond to different tools or environments) - how to manage this?
  • "How have you recruited all those people?"
  • How do voiceboards work?

Tangents have often been technical in nature, and included:

  • Jo and Frankie's case studies for the (sneak preview of the new version of the .. e-learning toolkit
  • how to use audio in screen-based learning - 'voice boards', audio editors (such as "Audacity", 'MSProduction'),
  • which tools are available and useful (eg: e-portfolios, audio editors, presentation software (eg powerpoint), voice boards, links to websites, mobile learning,
  • a range of teaching/ learning strategies such as online journalling, contact via 'voice boards', submitting assignments electronically.