So, what is this E-Learning?

RadioPerolaByOrianomadaAtFlickr.jpgMany people use the terms 'flexible' or 'blended' learning, rather than 'e'.
("i've learned the letter E, in fact i've learned the whole alphabet. 'E' used to be about failure.")

Jane Knight gives a terrific presentation titled "Ten Tips for Implementing E-Learning". She tackles the need for informal learning, social learning, and to match learners with suitable resources and strategies. Well worth a listen (a 'breeze' multimedia presentation).

What do you tell people, when they ask "So what's your project all about?" What's your fifteen second overview of "e-learning"?
  • Is it about Content, or Collaboration?
  • Is the learning in the learning materials, or the interaction between learners and peers?
  • Is the best learning held in 'asynchronous' discussion boards, 'synchronous' meeting places, or a combination of both?

What do your teachers and learners say about e-learning?
  • Do we have to be tied to a desktop computer, or can we go mobile?
  • Do i have to be online, or can i have it on a CD?
  • Where can i find an intro, a basic overview of e-learning?
  • Does YouTube qualify as e-learning, or is it just kids mucking about?

(image by orianomada at flickr)