Building On-line Communities in East Gippsland

Lead Agent Organisation:

East Gippsland Community College, formerly known as BACE Inc

Target Group

Staff and volunteers in the community centres across East Gippsland as a vehicle for enhancing the capacity of remote East Gippsland residents to effectively and purposefully access e-learning opportunities.

Showcase, November '07

Jan Roberts and Denece Sippo gave an account of the successes and challenges for their project. Here's the presentation:

Other conferences

Jan and Denece also participated in other conferences, including the Victorian e-learning conference "Converge", and the National Online Event "e-Show n Tell". They bravely engaged in multiple-venue presentations, as each participant came in via live conferencing software (Live Classroom at Converge, Elluminate at e-Show n Tell).

The day after the live showcase in Cairns, community leaders from two projects presented in an online network event, known as "e-Show n Tell". Jan and Denece from East Gippsland joined Rod MacDonald from Byron Bay Shire ACE in a wide-ranging discussion of the stories and issues from their journeys.

You can find the recording via this link (in Elluminate), and the remnants of the online event at (you may need to register / login). We'll try to get the audio from this recording too.

Induction, May '07

Jan and Denece introduced the East Gippsland project at the induction sessions in May '07. This project, a collaboration between partners including the local community college and the regional library, will use the "23 Things" intro to Web2 technologies.

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Headlines from the community project

(You can follow their project blog more closely here at