CHARTTES, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Cultural Recreation and Tourism Training Advisory Council helps guide the development and implementation of accredited training across its varied industry sectors.

Catherine Curry gave this presentation at Adult Learning Australia Conference, November '05.

Commonly known as CHARTTES, the council provides advice to industries involved in culture, hospitality, arts, recreation and tourism among other sectors. CHARTTES goal is to strengthen and empower the vibrant but remote Barkly arts community through the development of e-learning opportunities.

The project was delivered through e-learning professional development workshops focusing on areas including Indigenous culture, hospitality and tourism. It also helped strengthen existing e-training networks with the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) and other training providers. Indigenous students studying the visual arts and crafts, music, dance and theatre previously received training delivered in one or two week blocks throughout the year, with many weeks between visits by trainers. Increased levels of contact lead to improved training outcomes.

The agencies involved were Julalikari Arts, Nyinkka Nyunya Art and Culture Centre and Barkly Regional Arts communicating with Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, the NT Department of Employment, Education and Training and CHARTTES Training advisory Council.

The project provided increased access to computers and improved computer skills to expand the use of e-learning. Different modes of e-learning were trialled to discover what works best for Indigenous students in remote communities. The use of internet and webcam provided virtual tours to art galleries and performances to allow isolated students to experience a broader range of cultural activities.