Regional Skills for a Changing Environment

Lead Agent Organisation:

Byron Region Community College

Target Group

Whole community who are disengaged learners ie low income, self employed/small business, landholders, young people, seniors, indigenous, environmental groups.

This project has two main strands:
  1. blended delivery for a course in sustainable design for housing;
  2. increasing interactivity for the local government web site;

Showcase, Cairns November '07

Richard Vinycomb and Jan Barham spoke about their bid to embed e-learning in the Byron Shire, involving local government and sustainable housing design.

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Induction Sessions, May '07

induction07--115-RichardVinycomb-ByronShireACE.jpgRichard Vinycomb and Rod MacDonald introduced the Byron Shire project at the May induction sessions. Sustainability and ecological design need to be brought deeply into the core of adult learning curricula. Bringing consensus to the community through facilitated online discussion, this project represents a collaboration between the ACE Community College and the local government.

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E-Business: new enrolment system

In October, Michael Chalk visited the Byron ACE project team, and found out more about the extraordinary activities going on. In fact, new technologies are being more and more deeply embedded into their organisation and they have an innovative approach to e-business. Listen to people at ACE Byron Shire talk about their new online enrolment system.

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(image thanks for "byron bay" by C.y.flo-th at flickr)