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  1. minyon_falls_by_alistercoyne-th.jpgOverview: models for interactivity (what's out there)
  2. Putting audio online (practical demo)
  3. Q & A: general discussion

Aiming to build interactivity

  • between students and tutors working with the office
  • students interacting with each other
  • sending out newsletter - or putting it online?
  • deal with external clients, eg local government

  1. Learning management system would allow contained online "courses", with discussion forums behind password, (eg moodle, dokai)
  2. Content management system (or blog) could enable web site to have ongoing "news online" component (which could then be re-edited into print version of newsletter; Pro: enable multiple authors; Con: choosing the best software; (eg joomla, wordpress, drupal)
  3. Forums: discussion boards with message threads could allow web-based discussion within community, (eg moodle, phpBB)
  4. Live conferencing: could be a way to have meetings with people in other towns, overcome distance issues (eg skype, iVocalize)

Advanced possibilities with wikis

Forums options - sites, software,

examples include slashdot (which has rating and filter); and the AFLF forums on edna groups; You could use a hosted solution (eg edna groups), or install some open source software (eg phpBB or miniBB); (you'll find hosted solutions for phpBB as well, eg at phpbbNow)

(image: thanks for "minyon falls" by alistercoyne and "one person's paradise" by Natmandu, as well as "byron bay by C.y.flo" (at flickr)

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